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Since 2008, EcoSun (Cambodia) Co., Ltd has been providing Cambodian households with a comprehensive range of solar-powered appliances and solar solutions. From energy-efficient appliances to sustainable solar and hybrid systems, we provide solar energy solutions tailored to meet any energy needs. As part of our social mission to empower Cambodian households with reliable and affordable energy solutions, we are experts in delivering solar power to remote areas where electricity access is limited, unstable, or non-existent. Driven by our commitment to making electricity affordable for everyone, we also help those on the grid reduce their electricity bills with reliable and innovative solar technology. Join us in our journey to create a sustainable, energy-efficient future for all.


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Break free from expensive fuel and electricity bills by investing in your own sustainable energy source. Take control of your energy future and start saving today!

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Solar energy leaves the smallest environmental footprint of any energy source, making it the cleanest choice for our planet. Join the green revolution and power your life with solar!

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Unlock the power of solar energy, accessible anywhere and especially vital in remote and rural areas. Illuminate the path to a brighter future with solar wherever you are!

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Our solar services deliver zero-effort, zero-risk, zero-struggle and zero-compromise solutions.

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Founded by Cambodian renewable and development experts, we have lead the charge since 2008 in energy efficiency and solar access for all. From urban centers to rural communities, we bring solar solutions, energy-saving appliances and quality service to every doorstep.


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“I am a farmer producing vegetables. Before, I used a manual diesel machine to irrigate my field, and sometimes I couldn’t start it, so I had to carry water to my field until the pump was repaired. On average, I spent 8,000 riels per day on diesel, plus maintenance fees and spare parts. Now, I am happy with EcoSun’s Solar Water Pump; it is much easier. As soon as there is sunlight, I can pump water, and even at night if I charge the batteries. I can also use it to charge my phone or for lighting. This technology is very suitable for my farm, and I have saved money on fuel and maintenance.“

Mr. Ly Van, Bantey Meanchey Province.

“I have been producing vegetables in this field for two years, which has generated income quickly. However, I used to work very hard, carrying water to my field and tending to it every day. Now, I am glad to use the Solar Water Pump: less labor is needed, and I spend less time in the field, which allows me to start other activities. Additionally, I can move it from the farm to my house, so I can pump water for my kitchen and use the battery for lighting or to charge my phone.”

Mrs. Prak Loun, Pursat Province

I used to irrigate my field with a diesel pumping machine, which cost $120, plus $2 per day for fuel. Sometimes, I couldn't water my cucumbers because the pump wasn't working. I purchased the Solar Water Pump in 2018, and I am very happy as it has helped me increase my production and income. I now produce 3,000 kg of cucumbers and 400 kg of salad per cycle.

Mr. Tes Sarie, Kampot Province.

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